are the destinations you wish to synchonize to. Lets say one target is your moms Ipod, where you like to sync classical music to, a secound is your personal MP3-Player on which you like to listen to hardcore techno.


- an USB-MP3-Player
- Ipod running Rockbox Player
- Android device (this is special, take a look at section Android and Linux/Unix)
- a folder somewhere on your hard drive
- a network path
- USB-Stick
- ....

Per target usually three things are needed to fullfill synchronization:
  1. An tag in foobar2000 where you define that you want to sync to target(s)
  2. A configuration file, that defines all details for that target
  3. Th target (destination to sync to like USB-stick, MP3-Player, etc.)
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